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In this day and age, a voiceover artist must have a professional home studio to be competitive and successful.  Since they spend so much time in there, it’s also important that it feels good. Here is what Kelley does to make her studio work for her clients and for herself. 

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Stand and Deliver: 3 ways that Kelley produces a great sounding read.
Kelley has top of the line audio equipment and an acoustically sound vocal booth, making it possible to provide high quality professional recordings to her clients. Life moves fast, so Kelley makes sure that she can deliver the goods quickly. ISDN, Source Connect ipDTL and phone patch with an FTP upload are all available to her clients.  Voiceover artists spend a lot of time alone in their studios. It is important to Kelley that her work space feels good and inspires creativity and great performances. Hanging colorful bunting brings a bit of whimsy to her vocal booth without compromising sound quality. For more tips, check out Kelley’s blog. Kelley keeps her tools of the trade close by, helping her to consistently sound her best. Vocal care is essential to that. Apples, lozenges and water are always within reach, giving her a clean and crisp sound. For a vocal warm-up, she often reads copy with a cork in her teeth.
All Photos Copyright Bill Sallans