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Kelley HustonVoice Actor

Kelley Huston

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25 fun facts about Kelley Huston
25 fun facts about Kelley Huston

1. Kelley signed with her first agent at age 15 and has been with them ever since.
2. She has voiced over 1000+ spots.
3. Kelley comes from a long line of vaudeville performers, including “La Petite Elva.” Dubbed “Vaudeville’s Toy Comedienne,” Elva was quite the celebrity in 1917.

4. Her father is a world renowned scholar on romantic relationships.
5. Kelley fulfilled her dream of playing Catwoman, when she was cast as such in DC Universe Online.
6. Her firstborn daughter arrived on 12/12/12, the last triple date we’ll have for an entire century.

7. As if that wasn’t lucky enough, Kelley conceived boy/girl twins two years later.
8. Kelley’s imaginary friend as a kid was called Mary. They are still friends to this day.
9. She is a force to be reckoned with on the air hockey table.

10. Kelley specializes in voiceover for radio and television commercials, narration, eLearning, explainers, audiobooks, video games, animation, children’s games & apps, on-hold messages, and audio tours.
11. For over ten years, Kelley produced broadcast tv commercials and print advertisements, giving her a unique perspective into the voice-over industry. Purina, Kellogg’s, AT&T, Southwest Airlines and Nike are just a few of her previous clients.
12. Kelley worked as the Costume Coordinator on the original Pirates of the Caribbean.
13. Her heroes as a girl were Amelia Earhart and Jerry from Tom & Jerry.

14. Her biggest passion is travel. Her ultimate goal is to join The Traveler’s Century Club, by visiting 100 or more countries. 26 down, 74 to go!
15. Kelley’s first live performance was at the age of 8, when she sung, “Tomorrow” from the musical Annie in front of hundreds of people.

16. Kelley was married in Dubrovnik, Croatia in the historic Sponza Palace.
17. Her husband is proficient in 8 languages, 4 of which he speaks fluently.
18. She was taught by Richard Dreyfuss & Eli Wallach at British American Drama Academy’s “Midsummer at Stanford” program.

19. Her labradoodle, Clayton, was a spokesdog for The Austin Humane Society.
20. As a young girl, Kelley was a computer geek, spending hours programming custom BASIC software on her dad’s Epson computer.
21. Her favorite video game is still Ms. Pacman and always will be.

22. Growing up, Kelley was allowed one box of sugar cereal each year and chose Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch every time.
23. Kelley’s first concert was Cyndi Lauper.
24. She won “Best Supporting Actress” at University of North Texas for her role in the play The Sausage Eaters.
25. Kelley legally changed the spelling of her name from “Kelly” to “Kelley” when she was a teen, so that her name would look more symmetrical when it was written out.

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