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Kelley HustonVoice Actor

Kelley Huston

Voice Actor

Let Me Explain

In recent years, the animated explainer video has become a popular way of presenting products or services in a short, entertaining format, usually in three minutes or less. Similarly, eLearning has grown into big business. With a focus on education and training, it’s estimated that eLearning will be a $50 billion industry this year. read more…

From Vaudeville to Voiceover

The last time I saw my grandmother, she tap-danced for me. She was 76 years old. Not only was I astounded that she could still tap dance, I was amazed that she remembered how. Tap dancing was something she had learned as a child performer in Vaudeville. read more…

What’s love got to do with it? Connection is the true key to a successful relationship.

Growing up, I didn’t have to contend with my dad scaring off would-be suitors with a rifle on our doorstep. It was much worse. My dads a love expert. Dr. Ted L. Huston wrote the book (and several research papers) on how and why intimate relationships change over time.

Lucky for me (and despite my teenage angst), things seem to have worked out alright. I’ve been married for six years, and I have a career I love, too. I guess Dad must have been a good influence after all. read more…

6 Ways To Create a Feel Good VO Workspace

I’ve been noticing a consistent pattern: I perform better when I feel better.  On the days that I am just not feeling 100% in the groove, I have to make a conscious effort to shake it off, so I can be present and relaxed in my reads.  Shakira sings that her “hips don’t lie.”  Well, I’d venture to say that a voiceover artist’s lips don’t lie.  The microphone hears every subtle detail that is going on in our lives.  read more…

Talkin’ with Tribeza-Austin’s Premiere Arts & Culture Magazine

I am proud to call Austin, Texas my home.  Austin is a place where creativity and entrepreneurship reign.  Amazing musicians can be heard on any given night.  Being uniquely yourself is admired and encouraged.  In fact, Austin’s unofficial slogan is “Keep Austin Weird.”  In the midst of all of its eccentricities, Austin has also become a bit sophisticated.  Tribeza seems to capture it all.

After years of flipping through its pages, I am honored to be featured in Tribeza’s December “People” Issue. Check out the article here!

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