I recently came across a TED Talk that explains how playing video games can help you live longer. I’m happy to support the claim, as I now play three characters in the massively multiplayer role-playing game (MMORPG) DC Universe Online.

While recording for my latest character, Indigo-1, I also laid down tracks for Catwoman and Black Canary. So how do I handle multiple character voices in a single recording session? Here are my three pro tips for finding and maintaining a character’s voice:

Follow the Artist’s Lead: Character illustrations give you a lot to go on. Is the character’s chin up, is she proud? Or does she have a smirk on her face, showing she’s the haughty type? Even if you only have one or two stills for reference, the artist’s rendering can tell you a lot about your character’s personality.

Strike a Pose: Find a posture that suits your character. Black Canary is sassy, and so was my posture in the booth — loose, flirty, one hand on my hip. Indigo-1 is dignified and serious, so I kept a strong, wide stance throughout my reads. And Catwoman, well, I’ll let you imagine what that looked like.

Do Your Research: When creating characters, I do a lot of advance research to make sure I know the history of the character I’m playing, as well as the era. The latest episode to include Catwoman was a throwback to a World War II-inspired universe, so I worked in some subtle differences to convey a vintage feel.

Want to hear more? Check out my full gaming demo here:


So, how much time can playing video games add to your life? If what Jane McGonigal says in her TED Talk is correct, you can extend your life by exactly seven and a half minutes. (Watch her full TED Talk here.). If you’re looking to add to your life expectancy by becoming a gamer, you might just try playing DC Universe Online. For my part, I’ll keep acting in it.

DC Universe Online is available on PC, PS3, PS4 – and coming soon to Xbox1!



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Indigo-1 character pictured above created by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver.